March 3-9
Transformations School of Ministry
Maui, Hawaii

March 19-23
Crossroads Church Leadership Retreat & Weekend Services
Remnant Fellowship Weekend Services
Council Bluffs, Iowa
March 30-May 11
Poland and Austria
August 7-17
School of the 70
Legnica, Poland
August 24
Staff Spiritual Development
Faith Academy
Bellville, TX
September 6-October 12
October 15-17
Cross Encounter
Christian City Fellowship
Sealy, Texas
October 25
Preaching @ 10 AM Service
Christian City Fellowship
Sealy, TX
November 5-6
Staff Training & Development
This Little Light of Mine Academy
Bellville, Texas
November 13-15
TRC LaGrange, TX
LaGrange, Texas
November 26-30
Fusion Follow Up Conference
Legnica, Poland 
January 2021 TBA
Pavilion Day Conference
Christian City Fellowship
Sealy, TX
January 22-25, 2021
God’s Warrior Princess Conference
Tulsa, Oklahoma