It's time to build cultures of discipleship.

Helping leaders build cultures of personal and corporate discipleship!
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It's time to build cultures of discipleship.

Helping leaders build cultures of personal and corporate discipleship!
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Here’s how we do it.

Schedule a Call

Through a 30-minute Zoom call, I’ll ask you some questions about you, your church, and the challenges you’re having right now.

We'll Create a Plan

Sure, there are some fundamental truths around discipleship, but this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll create a custom plan for you.

Build Your Culture

We’ll work to create a natural trickle down throughout your church. Starting with you, then your leaders, then your whole church.

I’m Nancy.

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated, burnt out, ready to give up. I hear you.

Maybe you’re a builder who has gathered plenty of people, but now you need a plan for what to do with those people. I can help you. 

As an executive pastor for 20 years, and now working with pastors and leaders around the world each month, God has shown me what it takes to partner with people who are ready to move forward. 

I’d love to help you, too.

It’s time to…


Get together


Understand your assignment


Build your people

We focus on three core areas.


We will go back to the core truth that we are sons of God. We’ll focus on finding our identity and what that means for us now.


Followers of God are called to live in abiding dependency on God. We’ll focus on how to pursue and experience a strong intimacy with Christ.


A culture of discipleship encourages an active dependency which produces a natural and strong impact. We’ll focus on building your leadership teams and people to reach your city, region and beyond.

We build a culture of corporate discipleship by:

– Holding leadership gatherings with your team
– Hosting a 48-hour retreat/conference
– Supporting in weekend services
– Guiding you through the discipleship process
– Creating a structure for discipleship

We build a culture of personal discipleship by:

– Creating a customized plan for you 
– One-on-one mentoring
– Exploring options for personal mentoring
– Being decisive, consistent and responsive
– Being open to reproducing life in others

Free PDF:

5 Ways to Build Cultures of Personal and Corporate Discipleship

Let’s be honest. God hasn’t called you or those you lead to be passive spectators. He’s called you to be active participants in what He’s doing. In this free guide, I give you the core ways I take leaders and their people into building a personal and corporate culture of discipleship. There is a way to mature and move forward! Click the button below, enter your email and I’ll get it right to you.

Nancy McCready Ministries

From Trauma To Trust Paperback & E-book

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Here’s what my Amazon Review Team has to say about my new book,

From Trauma To Trust: The Making of a Messenger

We had heard some of Nancy’s story directly from her in times of our being together or on her podcasts. But reading her story of childhood trauma, the raw transparency of how she dealt with it over the years, and then of the absolute love of God that kept chasing her down so she could personally know the power of the Cross cause one to sit back in amazement! The last chapters are so full of hope and the transforming power of the Cross that they will surely be read time and time again. Her one-liners are memorable! And she leads us into the privilege of living in God’s ultimate intention.


I am so thankful for Nancy and Wyn McCready”s ‘yes’ to the Lord. We, the church, are in great need of what Nancy has written to us. God’s promise to finish the work He started in us and His love for us bids us all to come to the table of His care and there remain. I unequivocally recommend this book.

Beryl Southall

Nancy McCready…. A messenger of His Truth, From Trama to Trust is being used to exclaim the goodness of God through the power of the cross. Nancy exposes the lies of the enemy that continue to keep the Bride of Christ bound in secret self indulgence and imprisoned behind the shadows of “ministry”. Living this life in full disclosure is living fully unto the Father, in raw obedience come what may, choosing daily to stay in the intimate yoke of His embrace.

Aaron Coronis