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    Cross Encounter Weekend (CEW) It is a 48-hour retreat I developed to awaken believers (& non-believers) to the power of the Cross—the power of Jesus’ finished work and its true purpose in returning sons to the Father to live in full dependency on Holy Spirit. This is God’s means of maturing His people.

    CEW is also to expose sin, flesh, performance-based acceptance, legalism, strongholds, etc as the enemy they are to His plan & way of life for His sons. It is also to bring clarity to the truth that we do not have many problems that we must work on for the rest of our lives BUT ONE MAIN PROBLEM...SELF...and...HIS SOLUTION—THE ALL INCLUSIVE FINISHED WORK OF JESUS ON THE CROSS. (This could free up your time!) It is imperative that we see our inherited independence and separation from God as our core trauma...as the cardinal sin. As long as we keep trying to handle our own life, problems, pressure, meet our core needs, produce our own destiny, ministry, etc... separate from Him...we will live in total exhaustion & frustration. Not to mention an increasing private self-indulgence of appetites, self-pity, sexual sin, etc. fueled by deep unresolved conflicts w/ people & controversy w/ God.

    CEW calls us to take our seat at the Father’s table in abiding & maturing oneness as Jesus prayed in John 17 as He headed to the Cross. This is the same table spoken of in Psalm 23 where we sit in our place of sonship & authority in the presence of our enemies.

    This powerful taste of the process of discipleship happens on many levels throughout CEW via teaching, small group processing during meals, fellowship, rest, devotions, experiential response times, worship, etc.

    It is for men & women and is usually limited to no more than 35 people to nurture a more personal & informal atmosphere. I designed it to provide a deep taste of the culture of discipleship as I believe this is a major developmental link missing in the Church & our personal lives.

    It usually begins Thursday eve w/ registration & dinner at 5pm and closes on Saturday at 5pm yet can be formatted to fit other schedule requirements.