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    "Preaching that provokes you into a process. Learning that becomes a lifestyle."

    Nancy’s abuse, addiction and ultimately her own patterns of self-destruction catapulted her into a deep path of discovery with God. She spent years living two lives—one private and one public. Ultimately, this duality of pretense was brought down through many different phases and seasons and she now walks in freedom, peace and production. It is what she has received and learned, both personally and in ministry, that she now passes on as the bedrock, foundation and mission of Nancy McCready Ministries, Inc.


    NMM Mission:

    Nancy McCready Ministries, Inc (NMM) is redefining discipleship in local churches across nations, cultures and denominations. NMM partners with local, national and international pastors, leaders, churches, individuals and other organizations to grow, mature and develop their life in Christ. The discipleship process and projects passed on by NMM produce “learning that becomes a lifestyle” and develops people of depth and stamina. This message, whether taught, preached, written, broadcast or personally communicated, provokes people into that process. This lifestyle process has the ability to transform lives from inside—causing people to walk away from addictions, abusive tendencies and repeated life and relationship cycles that devastate families and individuals—therefore, culture and society. NMM then encourages churches and people to then walk into their future and destiny.

    The message and projects are powerfully communicated as Nancy McCready shares, through teaching and preaching, her life transforming encounters with God, His Word and the Cross of Jesus Christ on many levels and through a variety of venues. Nancy was an Executive Pastor for 20 years and has been a mentor/discipler for 30 years and believes strongly in reproducing at the local church level to see pastors, leaders and churches reach their generations, cities and beyond. She has been married to her husband, Wyn, for over 30 years and they live in Sealy, Texas.

    Disciples Of The Nations (dotnations) is an aspect of Nancy McCready Ministries. The heart of dotnations is to build big people through intensive discipleship on many levels based on the truth of “Christ is our life” in other cultures and nations. The hope of dotnations is to build relationships with pastors that will produce partnership and collaboration to bring development to their leaders and congregations through a consistent, stable and fruitful process known as mentoring/discipleship.

    NMM desires to see this work reproduced in the local church so they can become self-sustaining in the ministry of discipleship. This can be accomplished through dotnations gatherings, preaching and teaching, Cross Encounter Weekends, one-on-one mentoring, small groups, internships and more.

    The Church must have a vehicle by which they can truly hear, choose and be developed in their new life. NMM is that vehicle and isn’t to be exclusively “event oriented” but relationship and building oriented. NMM encourages pastors to consider mentoring for those in their leadership who would like to go deeper in the truths they have heard to be seen as a valuable investment in their growth and legacy.

    We know building people is not a one-time investment but requires the work of day in and day out commitment to people. We endeavor to be a part of that process in whatever way we can.